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List of ECIs supported by Science for Democracy

Science for Democracy is currently involved (and will increasingly work on this aspect) in launching its own European Citizens’ Initiatives, but also supports those of other organisations.

An European Citizens’ Initiative is an official request to the European Commission on matters of its competence. In order to be considered by the Commission, an European Citizens’ Initiative needs to gather 1 million signatures of EU citizens across at least 7 member states.

Below you can find the list of ECIs that Science for Democracy is currently supporting.

Act for our rights asks the EU to implement a system to monitor the rule of law in all the EU member states – launched by Science for Democracy.

Stop global warming aims at the establishment of a European carbon tax to decrease taxes on lower incomes and further develop renewable sources of energy – launched by Science for Democracy.

Fairosene demands the end of the privilege of the aviation sector, which financially incentivises the use of planes over trains, even for short distances.

Grow Scientific Progress asks the EU to focus on sustainability, safety and responsible innovation when it comes to new plant breeding techniques.

This list will be updated when new ECIs are published. Please sign and share widely!

If you want to support our efforts on these campaigns and join the team of volunteers active across Europe, you can contact Virginia Fiume, Science for Democracy Projects Coordinator for the European Citizens Initiatives –