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Marco Perduca Appointed as the Sherpa for the V20

Science for Democracy is please to share the news that former Italian Senator Marco Perduca, co-founder of the platform to promote the Right to Science, has been appointed “Italian Sherpa” for the V20.

The Values 20 (V20) is a global community of experts and professionals that wants to engage the Group of 20 countries (G20) which this year is chaired by Italy for the first time. The V20 focuses on the importance of values in public policy and aims to provide the G20 with evidence-based human centered policy solutions that rise to global challenges, it was launched in 2020 to focus on the ‘Value of Values’. Three values chosen for 2021 are: integrity, solidarity and sharing.


Integrity means adherence to moral and ethical principles and, more generally, compliance with one’s own values across various contexts and situations. It examines how people, groups, or institutions deal with conflicting values, such as self- vs. collective interests or the tradeoffs between individual freedoms and respect towards others. 


Solidarity focuses on values-related aspects around the creation, development and adaptation of perceived unity between individuals, groups, or societies. It addresses the question of what contributes to the formation of mutual awareness of common interests, similarities, and sympathies. In considering solidarity we will need to address what needs to be done to strengthen a shared understanding of human diversity, and to foster dialogues between different cultures, traditions or worldviews. 


Sharing deals with the joint use of tangible and non-tangible resources from various perspectives – within communities, institutions, societies or across nations. It’s a theme that tackles the multifaceted dynamics that are required to provide, operate and maintain resources and the corresponding mechanisms to distribute their gains in a sustainable manner. Sharing is also one of the key elements of scientific progress, the progress that has allowed us to fight back the virus in a very short time.