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Meet our Treasurer: Claudia Basta

  • 11 Aug 2023

On the 17th of July during the Science for Democracy General Assembly and election of the Board of Directors, Claudia Basta was unanimously elected to the role of Treasurer of Science for Democracy.

Here you can find a short biography of our new Treasurer!

Claudia Basta is a researcher at the Dutch national research institute for the living environment in The Hague. Claudia Basta supports Science for Democracy in identifying and formulating political initiatives lying on the intersection of science, policy-making and society. Her background combines urban sustainability studies (MSc, University of Venice) with European risk governance (PhD, Delft University of Technology) and applied ethics studies (Post-Doc, 4TU Centre of Excellence in Ethics and Technology, Delft). Her main interests gravitate around the ethical theories and normative principles that inform the practices of human welfare and environmental sustainability assessment. Her relevant works are published in Planning Theory and Environmental Impact Assessment Review among other journals. Critical about the hypertrophic production of literature to which early-career scientists are forced to earn any academic positions, she is keen to promote a culture of quality and originality vs. quantity and conformism among PhD students. The ‘politics and policy’ of European research and of its evaluation is thus at the top of her professional interests together with the advancement of value-driven approaches to the assessment of the social impacts of science.