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SIFA Young Scholar Prize for work on “Alethic rights, Epistemic (In)justice, and the Right to Science”

Simone Picenni and his colleague Francesca Bellazzi, both PhD students at the University of Bristol, presented their work, “Alethic rights, Epistemic (In)justice, and the Right to Science”, at the 2022 SIFA Mid-Term Conference. The two received the SIFA Young Scholar Prize for their work.

• What’s SIFA? SIFA is the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy. Founded in 1992, «it gathers Italy-based analytic scholars, [and] it organises and promotes conferences, publications, and further initiatives connected with analytically oriented philosophy». It is the Italian section of the European Society for Analytic Philosophy. Every other year, SIFA organizes a General Conference and a Mid-Term Conference. Mid-term conferences are usually dedicated to specific topics, and this year’s Mid-term Conference was titled truth in evaluation.

 What’s SIFA Young Scholar Prize? It is a bursary «awarded to young scholars on the basis of the quality of the abstracts [they submitted to the conference] and their CVs during Mid-term and General SIFA Conferences». People eligible for the SIFA Young Scholar Price are «master and PhD students, and young scholars (maximum five years from being awarded a PhD) not permanently affiliated to higher education institutions».

A huge congratulation to the both of them. Read the extended abstract of the work here.