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IED Seminar “Democracy in Europe: Threats and Opportunities”

Marco Perduca, former Italian Senator and co-founder of Science for Democracy, attended the Institute of European Democrats (IED) seminar at the University of Goteborg on the 22nd of September 2022.

The seminar focused on the challenges European democracy is currently facing and how it can be strengthened in order to meet those challenges.

Marco Perduca, in his intervention, focused attention on the interactions of democratic institutions and how inefficiencies in those interactions can lead to democratic deficiencies. He discussed the need for an urgent update on the ways institutions interact with each other, so as to combat deficiencies, with an emphasis on a digital future. For the full conclusions of the seminar, read it here.

Also during the seminar, the paper “The long route from transversal politics to the European Parliament: Ideas for strengthening the participatory instrument of the European Citizens Initiatives (ECI) based on the case of #StopGlobalWarming” was presented to the audience. The paper is curated by Science for Democracy member Claudia Basta, in collaboration with Marco Perduca, Virginia Fiume and Marco Cappato.¬†Find the paper here.

Science for Democracy looks forward to future meetings and collaborations with the IED community, for the purpose of working together towards a stronger and more meaningful European democracy.