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We promote the Right to Science as a structural component of Liberal Democracies.

Science for Democracy is a platform launched in October 2018.

The Pre-Summit of the UN Food Systems

On 26 July 2021, the Pre-Summit of the UN Food Systems Summit kicks. The Pre-Summit is described as a “People’s Summit”, with the goal of involving global stakeholders at all levels, from small farmers to big industries, from individual citizens to governments, in the discussion of the Summit’s five Action Tracks designs to tackle the most challenging aspects of the food system worldwide.

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You are invited to the webinar "GLOBAL HEALTH NEEDS GLOBAL SCIENCE:Towards a Coalition for the Right to Science" on 12 July from 4 to 7 pm Central European Time. Please register HERE to attend.

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Appeal for the Right to Science - #EnjoyScience

Enjoy Science - Sign Now the appeal to the United Nations for the full application of the Right To Science.

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Who We Are

Believing in the affirmation of a fundamental human right.

We promote the affirmation of the “right to science” through a dialogue between the scientific community and decision-makers all over the world at different levels.

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What we do

For the promotion of individual and societal welfare​.

For the implementation of the Right to Science in the institutional and legal frameworks of both United Nations and European Union Member States.

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Enjoy Science

The appeal to the Nations of the United Nations for the right to science

Your contribution can help us to increase the reach and the potential of all our initiatives.

Science for Democracy