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We promote the Right to Science as a structural component of Liberal Democracies.

Science for Democracy is a platform launched in October 2018.

A human (rights)-centered AI design - Hybrid Event - 21st September - The Hague

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Exacta-Mente Mujeres - 8th March 2022

On the 8th of March, International Women Day, the Organization esparCiencia and Science for Democracy and Associazione Luca Coscioni invite educational institutions to the free online event in Spanish: Exacta-Mente Mujeres

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Can we talk about sex?

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The Right to Science in National Constitutions

The “right to science” did not propagate only in international legal instruments. Nowadays, a large majority of world constitutions contains one or more of the four components of the right to science: i) the enjoyment of the benefits of scientific progress, ii) the freedom of scientific research; iii) the protection from adverse effects of science, and iv) the duty to foster scientific and technological progress.

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Meet our Treasurer: Claudia Basta

On the 17th of July during the Science for Democracy General Assembly and election of the Board of Directors, Claudia Basta was unanimously elected to the role of Treasurer of Science for Democracy.

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Meet our President: Laura Convertino

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Who We Are

Believing in the affirmation of a fundamental human right.

We promote the affirmation of the “right to science” through a dialogue between the scientific community and decision-makers all over the world at different levels.

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What we do

For the promotion of individual and societal welfare​.

For the implementation of the Right to Science in the institutional and legal frameworks of both United Nations and European Union Member States.

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Enjoy Science

The appeal to the Nations of the United Nations for the right to science

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Science for Democracy