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Does “equal” mean “better”?

On the 12th of January Science for Democracy, the Luca Coscioni Association in partnership with 500 Women Scientists (Bonn) and the Lise Meitner Society organised a conversation to discuss gender and diversity policies in science (but not only) from different perspectives.

Watch the webinar

List of speakers during the webinar on gender and diversity policy

  • Laura Convertino, Member of the Steering Committee of Science for Democracy
  • Dr. Ersilia Vaudo, Chief Diversity Officer at European Space Agency (Paris, France), member of the International Women’s Forum, of the Women’s Forum Daring Circle of Women in STEM, and of Women in Aerospace
  • Prof. Dr. Silvina Ponce DawsonUniversity of Buenos Aires and CONICET (Argentina)Acting President Designate IUPAP, member of the Executive Committee of the Gender Gap in Science Project
  • Dr. habil. Haibo Ruan, Technical University of Hamburg, Germany, Board member of the Lise-Meitner-Gesellschaft
  • Soudeh Rad, Gender Equality Activists and researcher, President of Spectrum (Paris, France) and Co-Chair at ILGA-Europe Executive Board (Brussels, Belgium)
  • Antonella Succurro, Scientific Officer of the West German Genome Center (Bonn, Germany) and Researcher on behalf of Science for Democracy

The discussion was a follow up to a conversation that happened on Twitter and an article on gender policy in science to respond to a study published by Nature Communication last November. 
These are some of the issues that were discussed:

  • Do diversity and equal opportunities policies work?
  • How do we solve their influences?
  • Mentoring programs: are they effective?
  • Impostor syndrome: why are women and minorities more affected?
  • How do we quantify equality?
  • Gender is not binary:  are equal opportunities policies inclusive?
  • “Gender”: hard categorization vs fluidity

Useful resources mentioned during the webinar on gender and diversity policy

Article on gendered CV Studies

Full paper on gendered CV Studies

Gender Innovation

A different way of teaching math to junior fellows

The Gender Gap in STEM

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