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(Digital) Democracy is a Human Right: feel the atmosphere and next steps

On the 6th of December, our event (Digital) Democracy is a Human Right; Design it, Implement it, Experience It took place in Brussels. The day was filled with informed debate, enthusiastic discussion and an incredible atmosphere. Concrete proposals and strategies were formed during the debates, and we will keep working on them to produce content to be used in our further work.

The political goal is a harmonization of the Member States regulations on participatory democracy instruments and their technological enablement. The “new normal” in the European Union should be protocols for technological interoperability between local, regional, national and European platforms, to foster the development of a European citizenship of democratic participation and a civic artificial intelligence.

In the post-production video below, you can listen to more of the key topics and proposals that came out of the event. You will also find photos, to really soak up the atmosphere.

Session 1: A rule of law based digital democracy
Session 1: A rule of law based digital democracy
Citizen discussions during the Transnational Citizens Assembly on end-of-life decisions
Session 2: Round-table on digital democracy and identification of shared objectives
Rasmus Øjvind Nielsen, Postdoctoral Researcher at Roskilde School of Governance, presenting “Is Now the Time for Public Service Broadband?”
Opening speech for the Transnational Citizens Assembly by Marco Cappato