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European Commission study finds that 2001 GMO needs adaptation to scientific and technological progress.

Science for Democracy and EU-SAGE welcome the EC study on new genomic techniques and look forward to further engagements on this topic with the Commission and all stakeholders on the basis of the findings that are presented.

EU-SAGE*, of which Science for Democracy is a member, welcomes the EC study on new genomic techniques thanking the EU Council for having requested this study. As a basis for the study, the Commission collected a substantial amount of information coming from ENGL, EFSA, the JRC, EGE, EU member states and a wide spectrum of stakeholder groups.

This exercise indicates how much importance the Commission attaches to the topic. On different occasions, EU-SAGE has stated that a proportionate, non-discriminatory approach is necessary to foster innovation and support advanced plant breeding as part of the transition to a more sustainable food production system in line with the goals of the European Green Deal and Farm-To-Fork strategy.

EU-SAGE and its members are looking forward and ready to further engage on this topic with the Commission and all other stakeholders on the basis of the findings that are presented in the study. The time is right and the ingredients are available to move to a responsible and future-proof EU policy on innovative plant breeding.”

*EU-SAGE stands for European Sustainable Agriculture through Genome Editing and represents scientists at 134 European Plant Science Centre.