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Tuesday 17th October: webinar “Psychedelics Avant-gardes”

The pre-congress online webinar Psychedelics Avant-gardes will be held on Tuesday 17th October from 17.00 (CET) to 19.30 (CET). Please click here to register.


Introduction and moderation: Laura Convertino, MD, President Science for Democracy

Dr. Reid Robison, MD, MBA, Numinus Chief Clinical Officer
Psychedelic therapies, tracing their historical context, presenting current medications and treatments. He will emphasize the role of set and setting, and explain the standard therapeutic models in use. 

Sharan Sidhu, Numinus Vice President, Scientific Research and Innovation
The regulatory landscape of psychedelic therapies in the US and Canada, offering insights into the legal challenges and advancements in both countries. Additional details on SAP in Canada as it pertains to psychedelic-assisted therapies.

Dr. Evan Lewis, MD, FRCPC, CSCN EEG Diplomate, Numinus Vice President, Psychedelic Neurology
Psychedelic mechanisms and psychedelics for Functional neurological disorder (FND). He will give background on FND, need, and prevalence stats in Italy. He will then describe psychedelic use to treat FND.

Federico Menapace, Deputy Director at Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)
MDMA Federal approval and changes in U.S. States policies.

Tadeusz Hawrot, Founder and Executive Director, Psychedelic Access and Research European Alliance PAREA
European progress and perspectives on Psychedelics research and possible therapeutic uses.

Théo Giubilei, Founder of the PsychedeliCare European Citizens’ Initiative
The PsychedeliCare Initiative – Presentation of the first Citizens’ Initiative for the medical use of psychedelics in the EU.

Conclusions: Marco Perduca, Associazione Luca Coscioni