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Right to Die: a European Perspective

On the 18th of September at 1.30 PM Marco Cappato, co-founder of Science for Democracy and president of EUMANS, will be among the speakers of the webinar “Right to die: a European Perspective organised by MEP Sophie In ‘t’ veld.


  • Sophie In’tveld, Dutch MEP for D66/Renew Europe
  • Pia Dijkstra, Dutch MP for D66, specialized in Public health and medical-ethical topics
  • Michael Bauer, President of the European Humanist Federation, author of the book ‘Humanist Positions Regarding Assisted Suicide’
  • Marco Cappato, Treasurer Associazione Luca Coscioni, Founder of Science for Democracy and President of EUMANS – leader of the civil disobedience for the right to die in Italy
  • Mélanie Raphaël-Béthune, l’Association pour le Droit de Mourir (ADMD)

You can follow the webinar and pose questions to the participants at this link.